Fall Day 2014

posted on: Monday, October 20, 2014

This is one of those days I look forward to so much every year. Pumpkin picking, corn mazing and lots of fall treats being consumed later on while carving our pumpkins. But don't let these photos deceive you, the boys were in rare form all day. Crying, whining, fighting, car time outs - all of it was happening this year and I barely managed one semi-decent photo of each of them at the pumpkin patch. (And you can just go ahead and forget about a family photo). It was just not our day. 

But, the weather was perfect, the company was grand and those pumpkin cookies and that apple/pear crisp allllmost made up for it.

Best Weekend Everrrrrrrrrr

posted on: Tuesday, October 14, 2014

So even though I'm pretty well over being pregnant at this point, I was secretly hoping baby would stay put through the weekend so I wouldn't miss out on all the lovely goodness we had planned. As it turns out, I had nothing to fear because baby is still comfy cozy on the inside and according to yesterday's appointment with my midwife there has been absolutely no progress made on that front, whatsoever. So.

(be careful what you wish for is what I'm saying)
Kicking off the weekend in the best possible way, I had a prenatal massage scheduled for Saturday morning (a gift certificate I had squirrelled away since mother's day with the intention of saving it up for this final month of gestational discomfort). And thanks to my masseuse and by some magical twist of fate and physics and a plethora of oddly shaped cushions I was even able to lie stomache down for the first time in months. It was glorious.

After a morning of stomache lying bliss I could have just called the day good at that point and been perfectly satisfied. But our day was just beginning! Shortly thereafter aforementioned heavenly massage our friends and their daughter rolled into town for a very much anticipated overnight visit. Wes was beside himself with excitement for his sleepover with Jordyn (new tent set up indoors and everything).  We let the kids go crazy with fake web and spiders and officially halloweened our house up right (big thanks to Julie for dangling from the sides of my porch to string the lights!) And later that evening another mutual friend who just so happened to be in town from DC that very same weekend (hi Rence!) dropped in and we had a big ol home cooked spaghetti dinner followed by a late night screening of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It was good times, people.

This was one of those super rare weekends where we really had no obligations or places in need of rushing off to and the weather was perfectly perfect and we were just able to enjoy our time together and relax. After the York/Godfreys hit the road on sunday afternoon we called up Abby and Jeff to see if they wanted to meet us at the quarry for a little nature hike. (followed by mexican for dinner to replace any calories possibly burned).

And THEN! (because I am a good wife) I have been pre-planning for Josh's birthday somewhat this year. **casually pats self on back** Since his birthday is on a near collision course with my due date, I've tried to get his gifts in order and all plans made far enough in advance that he doesn't totally miss out on birthday celebrations (even if the actual day itself ends up getting overshadowed by labor pains and/or third children). So part one of the pre-birthday fun was a pair of tickets to see some stand up comedy on sunday night. Abby and Jeff kept the boys after dinner and then all Josh and I had to do was roll a couple of miles down the road to Musica for the Same Sex Symbol tour. (Josh is a huge fan of Cameron Esposito and I went to high school with Rhea, so it was a truly perfect combination.) Marisa met us at the show and we all got to hang out and laugh-til-we-cried the night away.

I really just want to do the whole weekend over again. We got to spend time with so many friends and people that we love that I felt totally spoiled and amazing and I never wanted it to end.

What is this Tuesday bs anyway? Weekends forever, you guys, weekends foreverrrrrrr.

A Bit About My Boys

posted on: Thursday, October 9, 2014

These guys...sigh. I thought I'd take a few minutes today to jot down a few of the things I'd like to remember most about them at these particular ages.

Wes at age 6 years + 2 months is my tiny teenager. He's already picking up stuff from the kids at school that makes me both laugh and semi-terrifies me at the same time. Let's just say he now knows all about the middle finger. He also loves playing around on any iphone he can get his hands on and becomes a complete zombie in front of any screen (phone, tv, computer, whatever), totally tuning out the world around him. This could be a problem in the future.

He's still my super sensitive/dramatic one and will cry at the drop of a hat. While he does have his feelings easily hurt, half the time he's totally faking it and is not afraid to turn on the waterworks if he thinks it'll help him get his way. He likes to sulk and pout and tries his hardest to hold a grudge, but can only maintain a crabby demeanor for a few minutes at a time before he's back to his smiley self. He just can't help it.

He is usually quite cooperative and does his chores and the things we ask of him without too much complaint or foot dragging. That being said, he's still only six and it usually takes more than one request for him actually DO whatever it is we've asked. But, he usually does it without a fight and pretty thoroughly as well.

He is still my rule follower through and through. The perfect example of this is how when he was really into his dinosaur phase a few years ago Josh told him all about the movie Jurassic Park and how when he was a little older they would watch it together. Excited by the prospect, Wes pressed him about exactly how old he would have to be to watch it and Josh threw out the age of seven without much thought. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Josh got a hankering to watch said pre-historic film and suggested Wes stay up late with him one Saturday night so they could watch it together. Wes said no. Because he isn't seven years old yet. Josh tried to explain to him that it didn't matter and that since Josh was the one who made up the seven year rule to begin with he could just as easily change it and that he thought Wes was old enough now to watch it. Everything would be fine, they would have fun! Wes still refused. Even after bribes of ice cream and popcorn and a living room sleepover with dad, he just could not bring himself to do it. (This also illustrates the fact that the child forgets NOTHING).

He's such a good little guy. He LOVES our cat, Lincoln. He would carry him around like a baby all day long if he'd let him. He loves all animals, really and has such a gentle and sweet demeanor around them. Over the last few years his teachers have all said that he never fights with the other kids at school and is always perfectly behaved and is a good listener. I don't see this part of his personality changing and I don't think I will ever have to worry about him getting into trouble at school. (Fingers crossed).

He's super smart and has begun learning to read like a champ. He also learned to ride a bike without training wheels at the end of the summer and just last week finally mastered the art of tying his own shoes. There's nothing this kid can't do if he puts his mind to it. Not to mention he's handsome as can be with the perfect smattering of freckles across his perfect little nose. Clearly, I am in love with this child.

Then we have my Oren Henry, who will officially be three and half years old on the 19th of this  month. This little boy has been giving me a run for my money since he tore into this world in a fit of chaotic frenzy on that fateful April morning in 2011 (and none of us has ever been the same since). He's wild and carefree and insanely cute and loveable. He's aloof and hilarious and despite how many times per day he gets into trouble I find it very hard to stay mad at him for long. He is just a FORCE.

He wears his heart on his sleeve. If he's happy or mad you and everyone around you are sure to know it. He hides nothing, he is an open book. He is endlessly affectionate with me and kisses me 50+ times a day. He loves cuddling in my lap and sneaking into my bed at night and pressing his little face up against mine in the dark.

Although he was born a good sized baby (8lbs, 10oz) he has been slowly falling down the growth charts ever since and is now tiny for his age. He still seems so little to me and I'm afraid that once our actual tiny new baby arrives he will start to seem giant. He loves candy and sugar and treats, but at the same time does a pretty good job eating just about anything you give him. He loves a hot cup of English breakfast tea on weekend mornings and one of his favorite snacks are olives - he'll happily scarf down things Wes would never even try. Food is just one more way that he's adventurous.

And boy is he adventurous. The child has no fear. He will climb, leap, jump off/on/over/under just about anything. He was the first and only of my children to need stitches and I fear for his safety daily as I watch him dart outside alone or jump down a flight of stairs or whatever it is dangerous he happens to be up to at any given moment.

The thing about Oren is that no matter how many bad or ornery things he does in a day I am so easy to forgive him. I find myself laughing at his transgressions when I should be scolding him and I probably let him get away with far too much. I find it hard to say no to his little angelic face smeared in dirt, and would happily give away the world to him if I'm not careful. Lord help me if I don't spoil this child for the rest of his life. I just can't seem to help myself, he's a total charmer.

Also the kid has eyelashes for days.

When I was pregnant with Oren it was hard to imagine having a kid who was anyone other than Wes. How could another child possibly be any cuter, any smarter or any more perfect when Wes was already the best there ever was?! (Only this parent's humble opinion, of course ;) But then we had Oren and he was just as cute, just as smart and just as perfect but in his own completely different and totally unique way. Now that we are expecting a third I am dying to find out who this little mystery being is and all the ways they will be different from Wes or Oren. And even though I know it's true, I still find it hard to imagine. But I'm just so looking forward to the day when we will finally meet our baby and watch as they carve their own totally unique and perfect place into our family.

A Weekend in Dayton/Tipp City

posted on: Tuesday, October 7, 2014

For one last hurrah before the baby comes we took this past weekend as an opportunity to spend a little quality time as a family of four in our last days together before we become five. Josh's mom and stepdad recently moved to Tipp City, OH which is a cute little historic old town right outside of Dayton, about three hours south of us. We spent the weekend with them, touring the old historic sights, trying out the local cafes and restaurants and touring the National Air Force Museum.

(In a total slap your forehead, what were we thinking move, I realized about a half hour into our drive that we'd completely forgotten the camera at home. OF COURSE WE DID. So fuzzy iphone photos will have to suffice.)

we be road trippin (and stopping every thirty minutes to pee)

For what it's worth, I give two very enthusiastic thumbs up to historic downtown Tipp City. From the delightful little tea house to the old fashioned toy shop (where I bought the new baby a very adorable winter hat). From the tasty breakfast place (with the ridiculously good signage) to the old hotel turned pottery shop/rug gallery, I loved it all. The best part was that since we were staying with family, Josh's mom kindly volunteered to watch the boys Saturday night so Josh and I could sneak away for a fancy dinner date at the Coldwater CafĂ©. All the reviews said this was the place to go, and it surely did not disappoint. The restaurant is in an old restored bank building downtown and we actually sat in what used to be the vault back in it's heyday. It was a pretty neat experience and the food was delicious. Their signature dessert is an English tea cake with a hot butter sauce that was SO melt in your mouth delicious. If you're ever in and around the Dayton area I'd highly recommend it.

(Also, a little inside information for those of you who do happen to find yourself in that area, there is a donut shop that sells apple fritters the size of dinner plates. It's open 24 hours a day and if you happen to stop in around 10 or 11pm you can get them while they're still hot. You should probably do that).

Then Sunday we spent the day at the Air Force museum touring the mammoth facility and seeing planes of all shapes and sizes and eras. It's a very neat place and the kids loved it. There's a lot to take in and that translates to lots of walking for someone 36 weeks pregnant, but it was very cool nonetheless.

Josh and his stepdad Todd did a flight simulator and beat the record score for the day! And when Josh volunteered to take the boys on a space simulator later in the day, only Oren was up for the challenge. Josh said he thinks Ori thought they really went to space because multiple times during the 6 minute ride he asked if I was back on earth and asked Josh when he would see mommy again. Gosh, I love that kid.

All in all it was a fun weekend away and I know the boys really enjoyed themselves. With family in the area now I have no doubt we will be back to do even more exploring next time. Have any of you ever spent any time in the Dayton area? Any tips or recommendations on good things to see/do/eat next time we're in town? If you've got 'em, I'd love to hear!


Well, hello there October

posted on: Wednesday, October 1, 2014

“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Things have been quiet around the internet lately, haven't they? Well except for E. Ivie who came back from her blogging hiatus with quite the bang. All these new posts from her have me terribly spoiled and I've been so enjoying getting to dig into her writing again. But unfortunately for me, I can't say the same. Things have certainly been quiet over here in my corner of the web. I have been working on the house, cleaning and organizing and nesting, I suppose. We've been getting into our new school routine with Wes, and into the hang of homework and sight words and lots and lots of book reading. 

Now that Wes is in school five days a week, I've been savoring my Mondays with Oren. After Wes was born and it came time to transition back to work after maternity leave I changed my schedule and began working four ten hour days (taking Mondays off to have an extra day home with him, just the two of us). This has been my schedule ever since and when Oren was born it became another day I got to spend with the two of them together. When Wes started Pre-K at age four, I still kept him home on Mondays with me (selfishly hanging onto our Mondays together for as long as I possibly could). But now that he's six and officially in kindergarten, four day school weeks are no longer optional, and off to class he goes on Monday mornings. I was (and still am) mourning the fact that our Mondays together have finally come to a close. I know he feels it too, and knowing he has to go to school while Oren gets to stay home with me has been a tough pill to swallow for him. But we're adjusting.  We're always adjusting and then re-adjusting to new schedules, routines, growth, life changes. But in Weston's absence I have been trying to really focus on these brief weeks where my Mondays are for Oren and Oren only. In between school starting in August for Wes and the birth of our newest babe at the end of this month (hopefully) I have these few, precious weeks of Mondays with my second born. If I stop to think about it, Wes had over two years of Mondays being the only child where all my attention was devoted to him and only him. And when Oren goes off to kindergarten in a few years, baby number three will have me to themselves for the few remaining years of their own toddlerhood before he or she begins school. But Oren? All he gets is this handful of weeks with my total, undivided attention. The plight of the middle child, I suppose. But what can you do?

So I have been spoiling him extra good, with breakfasts out and trips to the pet store and ice cream shop. Lots of couch cuddling and movies of his choice. Trips to the park and a few too many glasses of soda. He probably won't even remember this time we have spent together, but I certainly will. I am clinging to him for all it's worth for these next few weeks and enjoying every last moment while he's still my youngest and still my baby. And as much as I am looking forward to meeting our newest little one I will try my best not to wish away these last few weeks. I will enjoy this last small part of what will soon be my old life. I will savor this October.

Fall is in the Air!

posted on: Monday, September 22, 2014

We kicked off my favorite season with apple picking over the weekend at our local orchard's annual fall festival. There was homemade cider and hot donuts, pony and hay rides and even a petting zoo, The boys had a blast needless to say and it made me so excited for everything we have to look forward to in the coming weeks. Pumpkin carving, and costumes and new babies, oh my!

Fall we are so ready for you!

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