How to Enjoy Fall in 6 Easy Steps.

posted on: Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I thought I'd break my blogging fast with this highly important and original post about pumpkin picking in October. (Bet you never saw that coming!) But so far as I can tell the internet needs more pictures of babies and pumpkins and pumpkin flavored drinks being consumed whilst carving pumpkins and  frankly I'm just here to do my part.  

Fall Day, Step 1: Breakfast. (Really not fall themed in any way, but necessary food energy for the days' festivities ahead.)

Fall Day, Step 2: Dress kids in pre-planned fall colored clothing with orange and black accents taking care that everyone is thoroughly on message. Go to cute farm with pumpkin patch. Pose reluctant kids with pumpkins. Take a multitude of photos. Pick out and pay for over priced pumpkins and miscellaneous gourds the children have been using as guns and have holstered in their underwear. Go on hayride. Lament the 80 degree day and chug iced cider while shedding layers and cursing global warming.

Fall Day, Step 3: Take overpriced pumpkins back home and spend the next few hours alternately gagging on the smell of pumpkin innards and plagerizing carving techniques from the internet. Pose with pumpkins.

Fall Day, Step 4: Cut to the chase and break out the pumpkin flavored treats already. Homemade pumpkin chai lattes and pumpkin cakes with all the whipped cream. 

Fall Day, Step 5: Get a little crazy with dry ice, wait for dark and light those bad boys up!

Oh, and somehow the children become shirtless during this step. No one is sure why, but everyone just goes with it.

Fall Day, Step 6: Finish off the day with a nice relaxing bath

(and maybe just one or two chunks of dry ice thrown in for fun ;)

A Weekend with Friends!

posted on: Sunday, September 25, 2016

We just had the best weekend with Julie, Jordyn and baby Scout! Julie brought the girls up Saturday morning so we could all spend the day/night together. The kids spent the day playing in the creek, playing at the park and playing in the back yard. Making face paint out of wet chalk and forming a secret hideout behind the shed. Doing exactly the things kids should be doing on a beautiful September day. Julie and I played with the babies all day and watched as they explored together, both the same age for a few more weeks when Ever graduates to year two. Abby and Jeff came over and we made our own pizzas for dinner and then caramel sauce for homemade caramel apples for dessert. The kids hitched a tent in Oren's room and told ghost stories until we made them finally go to sleep. It was a slow, rejuvenating weekend at home with good friends that I hope leaves a few lasting memories for our kids of a childhood well spent.

hope your weekend was as sweet at ours.

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